Monday, June 7, 2010

my set-up

We only have a small garden so the hens can only be free-range for a couple of hours a day or else they would dig up the whole garden. First thing in the morningI open their roost and let them out, then I feed them their layers pellets / mash in the covered area, this makes sure that they eat a good amount of their balanced diet .Then after I walk my dogs I let them out for a good old scratch about in their open wired area. I let them into the grass area late afternoon, for a few hours, where they can eat the grass and dig around the borders. They seem to like to go back to the dirt area out of choice about 6 in the evening, when I feed them some sort of treat.....bread soaked with a bit of yoghurt ( just a tiny amount, but they love it ) and it means I can lock them up safely until I close them in for the night. This usually happens around 9.30 -10 when they have gone to roost, depending on how light it is, and I close the doors on them,lock the wire door on their pen, and close the wired gate on the mud area ( mud because it has rained all day :-( )

Today the white hen ( Daisy) laid her first hard egg, so perhaps it was the thunder that caused the soft shelled one, whatever the reason I hope she stays happy and continues to lay 'proper' eggs from now on......

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