Wednesday, June 9, 2010


lots and lots of eggs! Now that all three of my girls are laying i don't seem to be able to eat all that they are producing......tomorrow I must start cooking for the freezer. They really are delicious eggs, and poached they are are a delight ;-)


  1. I have egg envy!

    Some ideas for using eggs:
    - Ice-cream (a classic parfait takes a lot of eggs)
    - Spanish tortilla
    - Clafoutis
    - Persian zucchini "kookoo"
    - Orange-honey buckwheat cake
    - Oeufs en cocotte
    - Delicious Italan style rhubarb tart - while there are still rhubarbs to be had!
    - Raspberry roll
    - Simple chocolate mousse


  2. oh wow! thank you.....I will enjoy having a try of some of those :-)

    we had to dig up our rhubarb because it is poisonous to gave them a very upset tummy :-(
    I fancy trying the persian zucchini 'kookoo' first ...yum ....