Wednesday, June 9, 2010

rain and wind

My poor girls are scratching around in mud, their feet have soles of caked on mud like they are wearing platform shoes....... :-(
The wind blew the door across their nest box yesterday so when I went to collect their eggs there were none to be found. Then I noticed they had laid them on their sunbathing shelf.....clever girls. They must have felt very exposed and vulnerable doing it there though, so today I have tied the door in place so that they can get to their cosy dark space.


  1. My little chicks are cowering in their house, unwilling to brave the rain and wind. I moved their feed inside the house so they don't have to be hungry as well.

  2. I put their food under cover today....yesterday they kicked a lot of dirt into their trough, next I am going to raise it on bricks so that they can keep it clean, and there won't be so much waste.....